TETRA Teknolojik Sistemler A.Ş.

ICP-OES Optical Emission Spectroscopy


Add clarity, simplicity and confidence to your most delicate analytical routines.

Experience superior analytical performance, application flexibility, robustness, and reliability with the optical emission spectrometer PlasmaQuant 9100.

The high-resolution optics and exceptional matrix tolerance guarantee an efficient and uniquely sensitive analysis of geological samples, high-purity metals, chemical and petrochemical samples, as well as soils and industrial wastewaterThe high-resolution ICP-OES technology makes unconditional confidence in your analytical results a reality.

  • High sensitivity – High Resolution Optics
  • Excellent plasma performance – V Shuttle Torch
  • High efficiency – Dual View PLUS
  • The greatest efficacy with – High Frequency Generator

Meeting Industry Needs

Oil & Gas

■ Specification and composition analysis of petrochemicals like naphtha, gasoline, diesel, fuels etc.

■ Feedstock inspection for elements that disrupt the refining process

■ Specification analysis and metal analysis in oils

Chemicals & Materials

■ Quality and purity control of base chemicals (salts, acids, caustics, metal oxides, polymers, etc.)

■ Purity control of organic solvents

■ Composition analysis of materials (ceramics, semiconductors, building materials, advanced chemical compounds)

■ Analysis of process media (process water) and feedstock inspection

Food & Agriculture

■ Analysis of toxic metals and micro minerals in food, feed and agricultural products

■ Quality control of fertilizers

Geology, Mining & Metals

■ Quality control of high-purity metals, metal oxides, metal alloys

■ Composition and specification analysis of metal alloys and steel

■ Analysis of minerals and ores

■ Analysis of refractory metals and rare-earth elements

■ Process control by analysis of intermediates and processing chemicals (e.g. etching/plating solutions)

Pharma & Life Science

■ Determination of elemental impurities according to USP chapters <232> and <233> as well as ICH Q3D guidelines

■ Determination of salt contents in infusion solutions


■ Analysis of surface water, fresh water, sea water, waste water

■ Analysis of soil



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