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ICP-MS Mass Spektrometer


If unrivalled analytical performance can be optimally adapted to the requirements of an application, best results are achieved. Choose the best solution.

Mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-MS) is the versatile, sensitive and fast analytical standard method in various fields of application. With the PlasmaQuant MS series, Analytik Jena offers ICP-MS that exceed all expectations in terms of reliability, precision and throughput and fulfill all requirements for sample handling, robustness and compliance.

Benefit from superior ICP-MS technology:

  • Best analytical performance with 10 times more sensitivity
  • Highest throughput with 50% more samples per hour
  • Most efficient operation saving 50% of the plasma running costs
  • True wide range multielement analysis with 11 orders of analytical range in pulse-counting mode only
  • Exceptional application efficiency with outstanding mass separation and lowest abundance sensitivity in ICP-MS

The PlasmaQuant MS series of ICP-MS provides not only the most sensitive instruments on the market but also exceptional robustness, speed and efficiency in ICP-MS analysis. Four models optimized for individual application requirements allow you to decide for the best solution:

PlasmaQuant MS

The robust ICP-MS for sensitive characterization of high matrix samples.

PlasmaQuant MS Q

The universal workhorse for high throughput and best detection limits in routine monitoring and quality control.

PlasmaQuant MS Elite S

The specialist with elite sensitivity and best signal-to-noise ratio for unparalleled ultra-trace performance.

PlasmaQuant MS Elite

The only ICP-MS of choice for research applications.



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