TETRA Teknolojik Sistemler A.Ş.

EQP-200 Pellet Ultrapress

Especially created to produce high quality pellets in various diameters and shapes thanks to the use of varied pressing tools. Very effective and easy to control thanks to the digital display, you can follow up every step of the process. Its robust design gives years of hard work without practically any kind of maintenance service.

The EQP-200 Ultrapress adds to its predecessor (the EQP-100) the possibility of preparing pellets of different diameters and sizes by simply changing the pressing tool at any given moment. The tool itself as it is not fixed to the unit allows for a better cleaning and maintenance service of the same. Also, its high versatility lets you work with varied shapes of mould (square, rectangular, etc…).

Method: pressure
Utilities: Cement Industry, Metallugical Industry, Thermal Stations, Environmental Laboratories, Material Recovery Industries, Recycling Plants, Geology and Mineralogy, Ceramic Industry.
Speed control: frequency converter 25/75 Hz
Sample diameter: 32 or 40mm (other sizes and moulds under request)
Maximum pressure: 40t / 50t



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