TETRA Teknolojik Sistemler A.Ş.

EQM-402 Ball Mixer Mill

Its capacity to ground, mix and homogenize quickly small quantities of sample, makes of the EQM-402 Mill your great ally in the preparation of samples. This mill has been designed for the final preparation of small quantities of hard, semi-hard and fragile samples – up to 15 g. -. It can prepare two samples simultaneously and reduce them parting from an initial size of 0.8 to 1.5 mm. until sizes of less than 10µ in short periods of time – 1 to 4 minutes -.

Due to its effectiveness/time rate, this mill is ideal for the final reduction in the preparation of samples by fusion – using grain sizes of 10µ speeds up the homogeneization of the sample in the flux, noticeably reducing the fusion times -. It is also especially recommended for preparing and mixing samples with binding agents for its subsequent analysis via X Ray fluorescence.



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