TETRA Teknolojik Sistemler A.Ş.

EQH-3.0 Induction Heater

The preparation of metallic samples is undertaken in many and varied ways, depending on the hardness of the material it is usually necessary to heat up the sample previously to soften the metal and facilitate this way its subsequent processing, whether by crushing or by punching. The Induction Heater EQH-3.0 has been especially developed to heat up lollipops and bars for its quick softening.

The Induction Heater EQH-3.0 has got five pre fixed programs to meet the requests of the sample preparation routines in steel plants and foundries. These programs can be modified according to the sample type and the needs of each client.

The EQH-3.0 only needs a 50 x 50 cm. room space and a power source of 220V, and it has got the capacity to heat up a piece of metal to high temperatures in barely 30 seconds – following the chosen program.

Method: Heating by Induction
Applications: Steel plants, Foundries
Programs: Five programs
Time: Regulable / 30 seconds
Maximum power: 3KVA



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